Message from the Chairman

Dear friends: Good!

LETN company, founded in 2006, several years of stormy history, in all sectors of the community's strong support and concerted efforts of all staff, the company increased scale, the booming business in the auto parts industry has made extraordinary achievements. I companies adhering to the "Quality is our dedication, our credibility is the essence of" this purpose, the community has won extensive support and recognition.

I thank every employee dedication some of the past, look forward to the future LETN the family stood together in the pursuit of progress and development. We would like to "people-oriented, and scientific management" policy of the management, under the guidance of the "attitude is everything, decide the success or failure of the details" as a code of conduct in innovation and development, and seeking harmony in development.

Return for a long time to each customer LETN the support and trust, we must continue to uphold the "no discerning customers, not only the perfect product" of this idea, the commitment to product innovation, technological innovation and product restructuring, To better products, more efficient and more competitive prices to meet customer requirements.

LETN's success depends on the different sectors of the support , I would like to express our sincere gratitude. We are willing to join hands with all the friends create a better future, return the community for the benefit of one party.

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